If Connect Church is your home church, we’d like to invite you to faithfully partner in the ministry of your church through giving. When you give, it’s one of the ways you worship God and place your trust in him.  It is your response to the generosity of God who gave his only Son, Jesus, so you could have eternal life and every spiritual blessing.  Your generosity helps us equip believers and share the good news of Jesus in Kirkcaldy and the surrounding areas.

Some people wonder what they should give.  Believers in the Old Testament of the Bible regularly gave ten percent of their income to the work of God, and the New Testament teaches joyful, sacrificial giving.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please contact us to obtain a Gift Aid form.  Gift Aid allows us to claim back an additional 25% above your gift from the government.

How to give:

Through your online bank: contact us to make a direct payment or set up a standing order from your bank account.

Cheque: contact us for mailing address or pickup at your home.

Thank you for investing in changed lives at Connect Church!